Taylor Momsen in my sketchbook. :)deviantART + Facebook
Lazy Sunday doodling Aitor Throup inspired sketches..
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When did the diamonds leave your bones?
I’ve been experimenting with watercolours and lyrics so I made this. deviantART + Facebook


Thanks for the follow ! Your art is amazing !! XO Anyways, I was wondering if you do you drawings half watercolor half marker; or are some all just one or the other ?

Thank you, I’m happy you like my work! I can’t speak for all of them, but the MAJORITY of them are done mainly with marker and only using watercolour for the background. x


Dude I'm not asking anything but you freaking amazing and wow ... And really pretty or smexy either one be de way c:

Thank you very much!! You are awesome C; x


Do u like BOTDF? And if u do; why?

I’ve done drawings of them so yeah I like them. 

Deciding whether to finish this..deviantART + Facebook
Finished it! It took a while but I’m happy with the outcome. :)deviantART + Facebook 
My drawing so far of Bring Me The Horizon! I have something other than marker planned for Oli’s shirt.deviantART + Facebook
My BMTH drawing is in it’s early days. 
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