what did u use to outline your illustrations?

Depends on the piece, its either black biro or a micro uni ball pen because I find it gives more fluid lines.

Seeing someone’s amazing artwork and just being like “well..damn”

Natsu and Happy in my sketchbook. deviantART + Facebook
Found out today my Mitch Lucker painting is in Kerrang!!
The weather may be hot enough to burn in but I really wanted to paint this winter forest spirity thing. deviantART + Facebook
Doodled on the front cover to my new sketchbook. Literally the hardest material to paint on!deviantART + Facebook


Have you gone to art school or do you just have lots of practice? Because your art is amazing

Art college! But it’s mainly practicing everyday.

Thank you btw! ^-^


Can you draw Chris Cerulli?

I can certainly add him to my list of people to draw!

Finished painting the metal boyband featuring Veeoneeye, Patty Walters, Cookiebreed and Boyinaband.deviantART + Facebook
Currently drawing the most metal boyband everrrdeviantART + Facebook