Spent the past week working on a giant Fairy Tail Painting. I will always have a soft spot for the original team. deviantART + Facebook
I did a quick drawing of Hiccup and Toothless! You can watch me paint it too :)
A late night wip courtesy of my tired cat..
I’ve started working on a giant tribute to one of my favourite manga of all time - Fairy Tail. deviantART + Facebook
The world needs more scary kyuubi drawings. deviantART + Facebook
Small sketchbooks are so much easier to work in.deviantART + Facebook


Hey you don't know who I am but I followed you for a few years on deviantART and for some reason you followed me back but, you talking about all the stuff you were doing with your art like merch and tattoo designs inspired me to start a company using my art and I just want to thank you for that :) Have a nice night

Hey! Thank you so much for this message!! You probably have no idea how happy this has made me!! I wish you luck with your company (: lemme know how it goes! x


You're so pretty! I love your eyes :)

Thank you very much aha c: