Lazy Sunday doodling Aitor Throup inspired sketches..
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When did the diamonds leave your bones?
I’ve been experimenting with watercolours and lyrics so I made this. deviantART + Facebook


Thanks for the follow ! Your art is amazing !! XO Anyways, I was wondering if you do you drawings half watercolor half marker; or are some all just one or the other ?

Thank you, I’m happy you like my work! I can’t speak for all of them, but the MAJORITY of them are done mainly with marker and only using watercolour for the background. x


Dude I'm not asking anything but you freaking amazing and wow ... And really pretty or smexy either one be de way c:

Thank you very much!! You are awesome C; x


Do u like BOTDF? And if u do; why?

I’ve done drawings of them so yeah I like them. 

Deciding whether to finish this..deviantART + Facebook
Finished it! It took a while but I’m happy with the outcome. :)deviantART + Facebook 
My drawing so far of Bring Me The Horizon! I have something other than marker planned for Oli’s shirt.deviantART + Facebook
My BMTH drawing is in it’s early days. 
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You should totally do a series with all different bands just like the of mice & men one you just finished except like in the progress photo just before where it's black and white with colored background that'd be so kickass

Cheers for the suggestion! I’m currently doing an Alternative Band series although it’s all colour c: x